Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Return to the BitterSweet Cabin

I've already introduced you to my new junking friend Jan at the BitterSweet Cabin (A Sweet Time at The BitterSweet Cabin) but I just had to share some of her primitive-vintage junk creations and the beautiful fall decor in her shop.


The BitterSweet Cabin is located in my hometown of Bryan, Ohio - tucked into the northwest corner of our great Buckeye state!!! And, my new friends, Jan and Duane McGill are the proprietors, designers AND creaters of some beautiful stuff (repurposing, reusing and recycling at it's primitive-vintage best).

I found this little shop on my last visit home on Labor Day weekend - and I think Jan and I have "adopted" each other as junk sisters - almost at first sight - it's so cool how junk does that to people, isn't it?? We've decided that if we lived nearer to each other - we'd definitely be a dangerous team!! She has been a junker forever (like me), and proudly calls her profession "curbside acquisition". She has a knack/gift for finding junk with potential (or some might say things that have "no" potential - ha ha!) - and is recreating/redesigning the moment she comes upon it! She and her husband, Duane, make a great team - vision and design style - AND awesome carpentry skills - and they LOVE what they're doing!!

Hope you enjoy this little tour - it was a fun visit - and it seems the afternoon went too quickly - so much junk, and so little time... But...I'll be back! :)

The BitterSweet Cabin is located at 4889 St. Rt. 576 in Bryan, Ohio


Shop hours are: Thursday and Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-2pm - or call if you're in the area, and if available - they'll open up shop for you!!

EVENT NOTE: A Christmas Open House is being held at The BitterSweet Cabin on Friday, November 13th (6pm-9pm) and Saturday, November 14th (9am-3pm)!

Drive on up and say hi - you'll feel welcome right away!

See...don't ya just want to sit down for a bit??
(and doesn't a cup of hot cider sound divine??)

Great vintage stuff on display...
And...out back - the picket-fenced area is just too much fun!

The double-decker chicken condo has a security system...scarecrows for hire!! :)

Well, here's another cutie - a little rusty around the collar - but really a snappy dresser (probably some snaps on his backside anyway!)

And these wonderful funnel planters - something "new" and so very cool!

A little sitting area - what a great place to have a party!!!

This old metal container is a great spot to plant a little something - and it already has drainage!

Meanwhile...........inside the shop:

A lake cottage was being torn down, and Jan, the ultimate salvager...saved this wonderful old beadboard from destruction and they created a beautiful check-out counter -and painted it the yummiest color!

A room with a view - and dozens of wonderful creations and collections to behold!

An old metal, banged-up dust pan is perfect to show off some beautiful fall colors!

If the shoe fits...well...maybe not - but Jan created a beautiful aged slipper - and maybe it would fit Cinderella - ya never know! I thought this was just a fun piece! Duane is definitely a master at repurposing/recreating pieces and parts of old, worn out furniture and making them one-of-a-kind keepers - I love the look of the time-worn colors...
A little metal feeder - I think I took plenty of pictures of planters... And don't you just love the sunflowers - Jan made those too - a bit of primitive whimsy (or how about "primsy"??)!!
Aren't they just sweet??
Boxes - you can never have too much storage - and isn't that green minnow bucket the best color ever??
This glass block window was a curbside find - I know...I couldn't believe it either - who would throw away something so wonderful? Well, Jan had just the right spot for it (and the glass is faceted too - it's just awesome!!)

Alright - I found another planter/display piece - a piece of old picket fence, and some corrugated metal - rusty perfection!

The shelving of this cabinet was intact, but Duane gave the outside a complete rebuild/makeover - it's a beautiful piece of furniture. And, do you see what I see??? Yep, she's got some of our clocks for sale!!

And, here they are - Jan & Duane McGill - proud owners of their dream...
The BitterSweet Cottage!

Hugs, Kathy


Last, but not least - this sweet wooden candle holder was gifted to me by Duane before I left - he had been making it in his workshop (and he tied a piece of their very own bittersweet onto it).

I just love it (and, don't worry - I'm not going to paint it white!!)!

I like it just the way it is!



P.S. I know I promised a post on our final clock haul...it's coming - later this week! Just wanted to take you back to The BitterSweet Cabin for a bit! It was the perfect picture of fall - and I just enjoyed it so much!


  1. It seems farmhouse and barns are in style! I know I love it...Vintage Arizona

  2. wish I lived close enought to drop in. I'm so going to use the metal bucket planter on their fence idea.


  3. Thanks for the tour. I lived in Cleveland between 1983 and 1994 (right out of college) and my first job had me traveling the northern portion of the state. I was in Bryan many, many times during those years of travel. My husband grew up in Massillon and my son was born in Canton. We've got the Buckeye blood in us!

  4. What a great place... isn't it so nice to see someone living your I mean their dream... LOL... I wish them all the luck in the world...

    Love your blog so much that I nominated you for an award... check it out... http://proper-prim.blogspot.com/2009/11/i-am-so-excited.html

    Hope you have a terrific day... Hugs Deb

  5. I looovvve it. Your pics are absolutely beautiful! I am now a follower of your blog.

  6. very cool! would so love to come up north - and create... envy you all..



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