Thursday, February 4, 2010

Carla's the winner of my giveaway!!

Just a reminder - Carla, please contact me with your address, etc. to receive your wonderful prize package from Sue Whitney.  If I don't hear back from you by Sunday, I'll draw another name - so hope you check in and see this. 

Donna - yours is in the mail - congrats again!!

Stay tuned for a post about my fleamarketing in Florida - until then, check out my post on JUNKMARKET Style - Flea-ing in the Sunshine State.

Small preview...

We named this little cutie "shopaholic" (we can a fleamarket-ish sort of way) - she is wrought iron and was bought with a pair of other great pieces (watch for my next post to see what I've found so far)!


  1. Kathy
    Where did you flea market in Florida ?- I live here in South Florida and flea markets are hard to come by.

  2. The contest was fun.... Love the shopaholic...

    Keep On Junking

  3. OMG...I LOVE, and I mean LOVE that "shopaholic"! Is she for sale? :) Cause if so, she sure would look good on my counter at the store (not to resale) but to hold some of our loverly treasures! xo...deb

  4. Deb - the "shopaholic" belongs to my girlfriend (not sure if she'll sell it...but will ask). She's even got a little purse over her shoulder - too cute!

    Sylvia - I love the fleamarket at Mt. Dora - they have Extravaganzas a couple times a year (worth a weekend visit). We go to the Volusia Co. Fairgrounds in Deland too - they're open every Wednesday. I guess there is a fleamarket in Webster too - haven't been to that one though. It does seem like a good fleamarket is harder to find down here (come to Ohio to flea!!).

    Thanks for stopping by - stay tuned, I'm posting later today - our fleamarket visit and my finds!!

    Hugs, Kathy


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