Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy First Blogging Anniversary to me! (and a little giveaway too)

Hello all (from the heart of "SnOHIO - yep it just keeps coming)! 

I can't believe it's been a year since I wrote my first post on my blog - "Collecting" my thoughts and other random junk.    I guess the old saying that time flies when you're having fun is true...

I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to talk about, well I guess I knew it was going to be about the stuff I love to do - collecting (or some might say "hoarding"), fleamarketing, traveling/junking with my friends, making new friends, etc..........  Anyway, it's been fun - and a learning experience (I haven't passed "Blogging 101" yet, but still "studying")!  And, it's amazing how you can visit a blog, and one leads to another, to another, to another - kind of like the Energizer Bunny - they keep going and going and going and going........and it's such an amazing journey of people sharing the "loves" of their life - collections, projects, experiences, and just life in general.

I've had fun coming up with "junk" to write about, and "meeting" new friends in blogland (all over the country and even other parts of the world) - (and some in real life too).  I've met a few in Ohio, some in Minnesota - and will hopefully be meeting many more in May at Art & Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style.  My friend, Terri, and I are planning on traveling west with my fellow JMS contributor (junksophisticate) and friend, Candy Allen (visit her blog at Junk Sophisticate). 

Candy and I traveled to Minnesota last August and it was "friends at first sight" - good thing, because it was almost a 13-hour roadtrip!  No worries though...we talked our way cross country!  And, we even....oops - drove through a toll booth... (see my post on that trip - Candy & Kathy's Excellent Junk Adventure).  It was awesome - meeting fellow contributors from JMS, Lani, Amy, Gretchen, Kimberly and of course Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style (who I had met before at the Springfield Extravaganza) - as well as other members and junkers at our first ever blog party at Oronoco.  A fellow Ohio blogger (and friend), Sue Sullivan (Sullivan & Murphy) is hoping to get a group of us Buckeye bloggers together this year too - can't wait! 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to what 2010 will bring in my blogging adventure.  Bloggers are all very generous in their posts - sharing their talent and projects, ideas, resources, unbelievable humor, amazing photography, etc.   Thanks to you all for the inspiration and support you give!  You're the greatest!!

Wishing you sunshine, smiles and big hugs!


P.S.   Oops, did I mention a giveaway??? Almost forgot...(drum roll).........

In honor of my "first" blogging anniversary, I will be putting together a "junky" surprise gift package for one lucky winner.  All you have to do is become a follower of my blog (if you aren't already), and make a comment for a chance to win.  If you mention my giveaway on your blog, you get an extra chance!  The deadline is Saturday, March 6th at midnight.  Good luck, and trust me, it will be a great little package 'o' junk!  (Be sure to check back on Sunday, March 7th to see who the winner is and maybe a picture or two of the prize package...don't forget - it could be you!  You know I'd love to come running up to your house with a giant check and balloons, but I don't have Ed McMahon's budget...darn it!)

P.S.S.  My friends the JUNKFEST Girls are in a decorating contest and they need your votes...please visit and check them out... So you think you can decorate
P.S.S.S.  (You thought I was done, right??)   More details coming soon on Art & Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style - It's going to be the ultimate junking weekend - a party, shopping, and LOTS more!

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary!! I enjoy reading about your adventures and viewing all of your fabulous finds (especially all of those clocks!!).
    My husband flew into Cleveland on Friday a.m. to go visit his mother in Massillon. He wasn't too happy to leave the snow in Kansas City to go to more snow in Ohio.
    Hope you're staying warm.

  2. Forgot to tell you that I would love to be entered in the giveaway and I'm already a follower!

  3. Congrats on your anniversary, time does fly when you have fun! My parents in Ohio have way more snow then me here in upstate NY which is so unusual. Would love to win and of course I am a follower!

  4. Congratulations !!!! It's been fun for me to come back and read your blog. Love surprise giveaways.

  5. Well, I'd follow you any day, Kathy! Just wanted to wish you a Happy Blogiversary and to thank you for being such a sweet part of my life! I'm sure your family and friends realize what a special person you are too. :)

    No need to enter me in your giveaway, because you've already provided me with so much...including your friendship. Happy 1-year, girl, and many more to come!

    Junk Sophisticate

  6. One year gone by! Congratulations!! Looking forward to the AA/JMS event. It is going to be fabulous!


  7. Hi Kathy- congrats on your one year anniversary! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your posts on JMS! Please enter me in your giveaway- oh, and I mentioned your giveaway in my blog post today!

  8. Just hopped over via the Energizer Bunny myself. I think it was from Itsy Bitsy Pieces, but can't recall now. So glad to meet you. I love Sue from Sullivan & Murphy. Happy Anniversary!

  9. Love your blog and just became a follower. Oh I so do love "junky" surprises!


  10. Hey, girl Happy Blogiversary and continued wonderful blogging new year success!! I'm looking forward to visiting all of the links you gave, luv the rabbit trails I wind up following. Planning to visit in a week again to see who wins you're giveaway..xoxo

  11. Hello my friend...Congrats on a year of blogging already. Wow! It was such a privilege to meet you and Candy last year, and can't wait for the May event to see you both again. Looks like another marathon for us Junkers. ;-)
    Love to read and keep up with your blog and am already a follower. Now lets see if I win. Any chance a clock could be part of the prize. lol
    Take care and happy blogging to you-

  12. By the way, I have a new Mimi-Toria's blogger button you can grab for following me.

  13. Kathy, Doesn't time just go by so fast?! Congrats on making it through your first year in this tremendous world of blogging and the meeting such neat people, both virtually and in person! I can't wait to see ya again. I wish this darn weather would clear up and things start getting green. And I don't just mean for St. Paddy's Day. LOL I hope we will have a good turn-out for our gathering and hope it will be soon- I need a break and need to get out of this house. Plus I need to shop! :-) tee hee
    Lotsa Hugs, Sue

  14. Yes, a year does go fast! So glad to meet you through the world of blog....just didn't know there were so many of us out there! Keep up the great posts and sharing inspiration with the world! Hope to see you soon.

  15. Wow that year really did go by!!

    I love reading your post's and seeing how you share your unique ( & COOL!!) sense of style!!

    Pretty soon we will all be in our wheelchairs ( with them all decked out decorated Junque beautiful!) and reminiscing about the internet 35 years ago! ! ha!
    I wonder if we will even type!??? Ha ha
    Keep up the good work!

  16. Congrat. on your one year mark.Please enter me in your giveaway.All of us need more

  17. Congratulations on your 1 YEAR blogoversity!!! Thanks for the chance to win your give-away...I'm excited!

  18. Thanks all for the anniversary wishes! It's been such a privilege (and lots of fun) "meeting" so many of you through your blogs and in person - this is such a great way to share our love of "junk" and other wonderful stuff! I'm looking forward to the coming year - blog-hopping and sharing my junking adventures! :)

    Vanessa - I hope they'll be motorized (and definitely "decorated"!) :) And, Gretchen, yep - there will probably be a clock in the "surprise" package...

    Hugs, Kathy

  19. Congrats on a year!! Love giveaways!

  20. Happy Anniversary Kathy! It was great meeting you recently at Scotts and I hope it all comes together for the Ohio bloggers. I am enjoying what you just enjoyed down here in sunny Florida! Could you please see to it to have all that white stuff gone when I get back? Please? Have a great day!~Patti

  21. Just found your blog from the mention of who I love. I've become a follower and look forward to checking your blog every day! I can't get enough of junk and long before it was popular, I had people telling me how they loved my home - I always replied "It's Early American Junkyard."

    Glad I found your site!

  22. i'm a your blog :)

  23. Thank you, Junk Sophisticate for leading me here! Loverly blog, Lady!

  24. Congratulations on your first Anniversary!! So exciting.. I'm a new blogger and follower.. I so want to win!
    Thank you

  25. Hello fellow Ohioans
    I would love to be included in your give-away.
    As always,take care
    aka Welcome to My World

  26. Thanks for the shout out on the contest! We are crazy busy working on ideas for future weeks if we are lucky enough to carry on!

    Oh my, was at Cassie's house and saw all her CLOCKS from you...HELLO! I need some of those honey-bunny's for myself...PLEASE bring some to Minneapolis in May, would ya? Clocks and clock faces. Awesome. Count me in on the give away, would ya?!


  27. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary... my first year is coming up soon as well. It is a wonderful world... this blogging world isn't it? I am a new follower!! :)

  28. Hey girlfriend!
    Long time no talk too! Glad to hear you are doing well, and still junkin! I will definitely mention this on my blog. Keep in touch...xo...deb

  29. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary! I love your blog and am now a follower!

  30. Wow! Happy 1 year! I LOVE your blog and your amazing creations! Thank you for sharing with all of us! Marie

  31. Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi! I am a" follower"... hmmm isn't that kinda like a game of duck duck Goose??? LOL

    :0 .....


  32. wooooot! Congrats Daughter....I will follow you into the depths of vintage and junk. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Just came across your blog, great stuff. Thanks for the chance to win! Congrats on 1 year!

  34. Yes, a very Happy Blogiversary to you!
    It sure sounds you're going to have a blast in May, have loads of fun!

    Thank you so much for the kind words and prayers on my blog, it really meant a lot. :-)

    Have a wonderful Thursday,

  35. Would love to win your giveaway and now I am a follower. Just found you today.
    I too am having a giveaway it ends tonight at midnight come on by and enter

  36. Happy Blog anniversary to you and thanks for a fun giveaway!!!

  37. I am always up for a giveaway... I added your button to my blog for an extra chance....

    Happy Anniversary.... Love your blog...

    Keep On Junking

  38. Happy Blogiversary - just found your blog today via georgiapeachez (I think). Thanks so much for this fun giveaway and now I must go read more of your posts. :-) -amy


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