Thursday, February 11, 2010

Enjoying the Sunshine State - AND some great junk!

Well, we're ending week #2 in Florida - had fun, enjoyed the beach (wishing it was a bit warmer, but don't want to be greedy - there's been two winter storms in Ohio the last two weeks...), and we've been doing a bit of junking, antiquing and flea-ing - oh and a found a few good restaurants!  So, since vacation fun is winding down...time to share some junk with my friends!
Over the last two weeks, Robin and I hit some thrift stores, antique shops, and the fleamarket at Volusia County Fairgrounds - it's held every Wednesday morning (from about daybreak till 12:00pm...or until everybody gets packed up - and that's the time to get some bargains). 

Palm trees and a fleamarket - great combination!   

Some beautiful orchids - winter is seeming far, far away...

And some fresh citrus...OK - winter is a distant memory!

These little guys are getting ready to hit the race IS Daytona after all...

I made a new junk friend...Cindy Cross from New York - she travels and sells her great vintage wares! 
She told someone she lost her "I"...darn, I hate when that happens! :)

It was great meeting you, Cindy - hope to see you on our next trip to the Sunshine State!

Vintage Christmas bulbs - one of my very favorite things.

More great stuff...

A heavenly collection...

So much to see.

Hardware with the perfect touch of rust!

Trims and fabric

Need a haircut??

Typewriter keys - can you spell "cool"??

The happy (?) couples (not sure about those hats though girls...)

Robin perusing some glassware
 (yep, we had to wear our was only about 45 degrees)

Anybody need a VCR?  I didn't think so...

And what's a fleamarket without the hotdog guy??? 
Yep - he's the one in the hat!

And a little music to flea by...

We're not fans of boiled peanuts...
I was even brave enough to pet the alligator
(and yes, he had his mouth taped shut)!

Before we left, we had to grab a bag of kettle corn (our junk food lunch).

Here I am - my little cart filled with a bit 'o' junk!

And, now for my finds!

These candlesticks were found at the fleamarket, thrift stores, and antique shops (I don't think there are any left in Florida!).  Terri and I will use these to make some vintage servers (a little Gorilla Glue epoxy to attach an antique plate, and "voila"!!).

Robin and I bought a big box of random pieces of silver junk...lots of project possibilities...

One of the things on my list were paperweights. 
I think I hit the jackpot - ready to be re"decorated" with some great little pieces and parts.

I think this one is a keeper - no need to re-do - it'll be great on my desk!

A collection of small vintage NFL pennants (with my brother Scott in mind...)  He really loves me!!

These great pieces of iron have a lot of character - a shopper, a painter and a gardener - very fun don't ya think?

I found these in Brunswick, GA - the man said he had bought out a locksmith about 35 or 40 years ago, and this is what he had left - and I wanted them all (quantity, you know!!). 

And, since we were on vacation - we had some time to spare - and thought we'd count them (thanks, Rob!).  The man said he thought there were about 800...we counted over 900 - these will be useful for jewelry, wind chimes, and whatever!!

The keys again, but don't you love this old glass container.  I was told it's an antique battery case...I don't care what it is, I'm just gonna have some big decorating fun with it.  I've been on the hunt for an old fish aquarium, but since they're so hard to find (JUNKMARKET Style junkers have scooped them all up - ha ha - and you know who you are!) - anyway - this will be my version of the aquarium! :)
  This is my second favorite find of my vacation...keep reading to see what my favorite find was...

And look at these keys - Junkunc Bros.  (how cool?)

A vintage soda pop bottle - a gift for my daughter's can guess what his name is, right??

And last but not least...this is my fav find - an antique scale.  I found it in Brunswick, GA.  It was found in an estate in jolly old England, and it's now going to reside in my home - not an estate, but it'll be right at home-sweet-home!  I LOVE IT!!!!

Lucky for me that my friend Robin and her husband are driving a van back to snowy Ohio.  They had a bit more room to take our goodies back - and our little car is going to be packed to the limit too!!!

Before I's Jim and I - we went downtown Daytona and listened to Foghat (2 original members) - some great 70s rock!

And here's a reminder for us...we'll be heading down that road in a couple days - goodbye Florida, goodbye sunshine, goodbye fleamarkets ---- hello SNOW-HI-O!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing in a little bit of vacation time with me!  Since I found so much great junk - I've got a lot of project material now - no excuses - time to get busy!  That's ok - I can't wait!!  (A good way to spend the rest of the my basement!)

Hugs, Kathy


  1. A two week vacation? Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! ;) Your finds are fabulous! I LOVE the glass battery case and the Junkunc Bros keys are priceless! And who in the world finds old paperweights in that quantity?? You do, of course. I hope you've enjoyed yourself in Fla (as I look out my window in snowy Ohio) and I'm sending safe travel vibes your way!

    Candy - Junk Sophisticate

  2. Boy does that vacation look dreamy right about now. Happy for your time away AND for all your cool junk finds. The keys are awesome, especially the ones with "junk" on them. And I love that battery cover, can't wait to see what you come up with for that. Have a safe trip home -- I'm sure all the snow will be gone by the time you get back (not 100% sure, though).

  3. Kathy....The sun looks so nice. My sister that lives on the Gulf coast says it has been soooo cold down there! When we leave in 2 weeks I just want there to be no snow driving down and no rain in Orlando! I hope I can find some antiquing places on the way down. Can't wait to see all the creative possibilities you make from your finds! Will you be returning to Scott's this year?~Patti

  4. Kathy, Great finds. So much good junk and such little time and space. Looks like you did good! A truly wonderful vacation! Wish you safe journey home.
    smiles, alice

  5. Looks like the BEST winter vacation! GREAT finds!!

  6. That scale is fantastic!
    Are any of those silver brides baskets Pairpoint? They are wonderul!
    Have a safe trip home.

  7. With so much to chose from how do you decide??

    I love it all...

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Keep On Junking

  8. looks like ya'll had a GREAT time! I've never been "junkin'" in Florida but it looks like they know what they are doing! Love all the keys and other goodies you got. Have fun in the basement creating and be sure and post you creations! :)


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