Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lost and Found - a happy ending!

Hi there!  Hope you all had a great summer weekend!

Just an update on the dog that adopted all of us on the day of our Vintage Market...(I've gotten emails asking me what happened to her.)  She was taken to the local animal shelter, where she has been groomed, doctored, and is now at home with one of the volunteers awaiting a trip to a rescue family who will find her a wonderful home! (Yippee!!!)  (Thanks to my friend, Tela, who knew one of the volunteers and gave her a "heads up" that she might be turned in over the weekend - and that she was special...)

Relaxing in the shade............life on the run is tough...

Greeting shoppers...

I know everybody was concerned about her that day...  She stopped in at about 8:00 a.m., and stayed around for the day - lounging in front of one of the fans (smart dog - it was hot!!), and even though she looked like she hadn't been taken care of in quite a while, there were lots of "snacks" to go around for her, words of encouragement and "pets" from customers and my friends!  So, in spite of her "shabby" appearance (and one my friends named her "Shabby") - people saw through the "rough" exterior (she's got the sweetest face) and saw how loving she was.  "Shabby" is going to be a wonderful addition to some lucky family's home.

Shabby, we're wishing you lots of hugs, walks, treats - and, of course - LOTS of love!

Have a beautiful summer day!


P.S.  Watch for my next post - our weekend traveling the Route 127 - World's Longest Yard Sale!!


  1. Aw girl...you are a softie! Good things will be coming to you for sure now.

  2. Hi Kathy...so happy "Shabby" is being well taken care of! I bet he's glad he "followed the signs" to your sale ;) Take care, Laurel
    PS...I'm finally started a blog, still learning but having fun peeking around...

  3. She was so sweet..... Glad she is being taken care of. Her poor coat was so matted but her disposition was just so good. Hope you're staying cool- I just got in from mowing, but still have to go out and finish double-cutting it. Anal, I know cuz it IS 90+ degrees out and I'm dripping wet. LOL
    xo Sue

  4. Kathy....I am so happy to hear that he is being taken care of and off to a family that will give him love and attention! He was such a sweety!~Hugs, Patti

  5. What a sweet dog!
    Thinking of you with envy as you're out hittin' the dusty trail!
    Glad you event was a hit...except for that ER thing!!
    Take care!

  6. Yay for Shabby!!! Homeward bound at last! He deserves it -- Great dog.


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