Sunday, August 22, 2010

OH MY GOODNESS!!! The World's Longest Yard Sale - PART TWO - KENTUCKY

Yes...we all got a t-shirt! :) Jackie Gleason said..."away we go"...... (and...yes, there were some traffic jams)

Saturday we started at the northern Kentucky border, and our journey to the Frankfort area was FILLED with great churches, schools, gas stations, parks - everywhere.  It was so funny because if there was a "pull off" at an intersection or along the road...someone was likely set up to sell.  There were lots of antique dealers along the way too (so many of their prices were higher than you'd expect at a yard sale - but a great way for them to get lots of "traffic" by their wares).  There were bargains to be had...and we did our best at finding them!!

Here's a church we stopped at in the morning...

 Ginny and her linens...  And there's Carol...digging for a little something - so she can get off that dollar!! :)

My first purchase of the day...a huge old light fixture - it's going to make a great birdbath!

Another stop, and old signs were everywhere!

And, if you're looking for a pink flamingo - Here's "Fannie" - she's an oldie but a goodie!  
(OK...I just made up her name - but it suits her.)

Everybody was out hunting down the bargains...don't they look determined?

And, if you wanted something cold to eat...these ice cream makers were just the ticket...
well - maybe they've had their day...(wouldn't they make great planters??)

OK...maybe this is a better choice!

Some sweet tea with my buddies!

This was just a little creepy...ewwwwwwww!

A stop at Mike's Plants & Produce (and FLEAMARKET!!)

It was an uphill climb...but we did it!!

Wondering what we'll find here...

Ginny...looking wistfully at this old planter...or is she resting - nah - not Ginny - she could probably outrun all of us!

It was pretty hot (90s) - I'm surprised someone hadn't taken a dip in that pond...

You never know where you'll make friends...standing in line for the "Ladies Room" at a gas station - we met Jane and Connie from Minneapolis, Minnesota (some of my best friends are Minnesota junkers)!!  They were celebrating Jane's birthday with their road trip on Rt. 127.  They had even stopped in my hometown of Bryan, Ohio for lunch, and ate at Lester's Diner (one of my first jobs in high school)...such a small world!!  Great to meet ya ladies!!  Maybe we'll see you next year!

People weren't shy about expressing their extreme happiness (and craziness) along the way!!

Ginny found an old dresser mirror, and we couldn't resist the photo op!!

The Three Junkateers!!

Enamelware - love the cream and green colors!

Welcome back Kotter...minus Vinny Barbarino...

Mork & Mindy...nanoo nanoo!!

Two sweet little Ohio Art shovels...

It was getting late in the day, but the sunshine was making everything look so magical!! 
(And...what perfect "tables" for display)

This sweet little doll house was the apple of a little girl's eye.  
It was completely furnished - for just $75.00...some very affordable housing!

Peek inside - the table is even set with "silver".  

While I was admiring the house and all it's sweet furnishings, there was a little girl who was also dreaming of ownership as well.  She gave me the grand tour, explaining all the rooms, and told me that her Daddy was probably going to buy it for her...

And one of the most popular things we saw on display...Kentucky Derby glasses - they were everywhere!

Alright, it had been a long day, and we were a little worn out, and probably in need of some soap and water...but girls - do we need to be everyone's entertainment?  Um....yes we do!!  

Here was our other choice...the ol' watering hole - but I'm afraid the cows might feel like 
we were intruding on their space!

Oh yeah...barn sale!!!  And I SO love that cute little white Mustang!

Over yonder...another sale - each one bigger than the last!!

Here we go again.................

This was a little out for "falling objects" is what I think he was saying!!

Some beautiful purple glass - in any shape or size.

Another kinda "scary" thing...  A "Woman Getter" - I don't think so!

An amusement park AND a fleamarket!!  300 vendors...oh yeah!

Another great stop - and another fleamarket...  
These girls had such cute things - and they knew how to put it all together
(So, their space was literally screaming my name, so had to stop in..)   

Fun stuff everywhere.

I loved how they had their books priced - with old lace tied over the cover...  
So much better than taping a tag or writing on the inside. 
(That's the "seller" in me talking!)

Nice hair pieces and vintage jewelry.

Don't you just love the colors?

Whoa cowboy - this is super cute!!

A cute cabinet and a table top decorated with an old gameboard.

OK...I was mainly taking a picture of the cute "pincushion" and didn't notice the two sweet little "Tappan" salt/pepper shakers till I looked at the pictures later...  
I would have bought those (we used to have an old Tappan factory in Mansfield).

And here are the girls - Wanda and Liz - and their helpers!  It was so nice meeting you!  
Hope to see you next year (or maybe at the Country Living Fair???)

And, as I was walking away...just one last picture - This tricycle/planter is just FUN!!

On to another market...and a giant fried chicken advertisement - I don't think I'll be putting that in my garden!

And, how long ago was gas that cheap??? 

Somebody lost their head over all this great junk!!!

And here we are on Sunday...the exit that takes us off Rt. 127 (way too soon)!!!  
Next year we're taking four days - two is definitely NOT enough!

Unpacking piece by piece.
Ginny bought a drawer from an old cash register...looks like there's nothing left inside!!

Piles of treasures...

Plenty of stuff to go around for all of us!

Ginny found a beautiful old oil painting - now she's on the hunt to find out more about the artist...

And her linens...she loves her linens!!

Robin found this fabulous old watchmaker's cabinet...
She's going to fill it with lots of old jewelry, and probably a button or two (or five hundred)!!

We were some happy campers, I mean junkers! 
 Home safe and sound, and with a little money left in our pockets.  
Don't worry, it's still garage sale season - we'll spend it I'm sure!

OK - this is the REAL us...really, really wore out - and really, really happy to be home!  
And, we can't wait till next year!

It was a fun/junk filled two and a half days - we made the most of every minute (like always)!  (But, again, Terri - we missed you!!!)    

On the way home we had some clanging and banging in the back of the van - not surprising considering all the stuff we had packed in there (not to mention luggage, etc...) and we still had a little room...  I decided that the noise in the back could definitely be blamed on us...and our awesome ability to collect something from the "Four Basic Junk Groups"  - Metal, wood, glass and fabric - we had it all covered - top to bottom!  

Oh my goodness!!!  (Ginny - so glad you got to come along!!!)

Stay tuned...I'll be unpacking (finally) all my goodies and sharing some photos (surprise, surprise) in a day or two...Part Three (of our World's Longest Yard Sale "Trilogy").  

Y'all come back now, ya hear???  ( heard a little southern twang that time!)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I apologize about ALL the pictures - I hope you made through them all!



  1. Too fun! Glad you junkers had a glorious and fabulous time, Kathy.
    hugs, Sue

  2. No need to apologize for too many pictures--loved them all. Looks like fabulous fun and junk too--good job!! Talked with JH after our swing up the M25/29 here in Michigan--we may try our hand at the BIG one next year!! LuAnn

  3. I love all the pictures! I am looking forward to Part Three. La

  4. Kathy,
    Love all the pictures! You are just the best in pic land. Thanks for that!
    smiles, alice

  5. Too much fun...I'm still just a "wee bit" jealous! Can't wait to see your goodies :)

  6. Kathy.....What a wonderful trip you are having! I am amazed how much stuff is out there to see! Now I want to see what you bought! Thanks for the reminder about Springfield. I will have to see if I can go as the time gets closer. I may have to come out on Friday. I'll let you know!~Hugs, Patti

  7. WOW--what a trip!!! Talk about stimulation overload. I would have had to have a semi truck for this junkin' adventure! Just too many fun treasures to pick from....LOVE the flamigo!!! Would go great in my store as a prop! Glad you are home safe and sound. xo...deb

  8. Wow. I had no idea it was that huge of a sale. I am definitely going next year!

  9. Hi Kathy, I stopped by your site after someone suggested you on my blog. I moved to Mansfield (well, actually we're in Lexington) in January and am a fellow junker. I'd love to meet you some time.

    Come stop by my blog and see what I've been up to.

  10. I had hoped to go this year but other plans got in the way. Looks like you had so much fun!


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